When you hire me you’ll get more than just a photographer. You’ll be getting someone whose passion and drive will show through not only in the work you receive, but also in how deeply I will seek to fully understand what you want and need. I am passionate that your project comes to life through my process. You will end up with a very high-quality expression of your vision–one that I suspect that you will love.


I’m never one to be satisfied. I’ve never settled for delivering just “what’s expected.” This personality trait of mine is what pushes me to excel not only in my image-making but also in my customer service. My hope is that every client I work with sees my passion and enthusiasm for not only what I do but  also for how I work with them to create the vision they have of their photography needs.


Photography–unlike most other art forms– is a unique combination of art and science. When I was first learning my craft,  I was initially drawn to photography because of the technical, mathematical and analytical aspects of the medium. Later, as I mastered my craft, I found that I could express just about anything I wanted to by creatively applying my technical skills.  All of these realizations came together make up who I am as a photographer and how I continue to create for my clients. I look forward to using my technical and creative skills to help you create your vision and provide you with stunning imagery.




Chris Bellezza